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We’re an independent app developer located in California. We have been making apps since 2011. We mostly make games. Our games span variety of genres, from board games, arcade games, puzzle games, and word games. Most of our apps are free, some are paid. The free versions usually include ads (banner and interstitial), the paid versions do not contain ads.

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Technical Support

For tech support, please use the Contact Us button below.

When contacting us for tech support, to help us assist you better, please mention:

  1. The title of the app you’re writing about.
  2. The device brand and model you’re using.
  3. The store where you downloaded the app from — this ensures that we troubleshoot the correct version.

We strive to respond within 48 hours.  If you don’t hear from us after 2 days, please write us directly at permadi@permadi.com with Subject line: PERMADI.MOBI: Need App Customer Service and tell us (or yell at us) that you have not received a response.

Using the Contact Us button below is recommended to avoid the slight probability of your email being tangled in a spam filter.

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