Play the classic Mahjong with colorful galaxy and space theme. Your task is to find and match identical tiles and clear the board. It’s not as simple as it sounds, because some tiles are blocked you must try to move tiles that will unblock more tiles.

Also known as Mahjongg and Majong, The challenge of the game is to not end up with an unsolvable board, so carefully plan your moves before picking tiles to match. Some moves will free more tiles and that is usually (but not always) a good move. Some moves may cause the board to be unsolvable (because all tiles are blocked), but in this situation we provide a couple of Shuffle option to reset the board to a solvable state (the exception is when only 2 tiles are remaining and they’re on top of each other).

Over 300 board layout (levels) configurations, all free to play, including the classic/traditional turtle/pyramid board layout/tower. Some of the stacks has epic number of tiles (300+) which should provide plenty of challenge for Mahjong fans. Tile positions on the game boards are placed randomly on every board level – with a special algorithm that makes them always solvable if you make the correct moves. And more importantly, because the tile placements on every level are randomly generated, the levels are re-playable.

The game keep tracks of the best times of and the number of wins, so you can challenge yourself to go faster.


  • Classic/traditional Mahjong Solitaire board game rules. Easy to learn tile matching, hard to master.
  • Over 300 levels free to play, variety of challenging layout. All are free to play (no In App Purchase required).
  • Intuitive touch interface, one touch game mechanic. Just tap two matching free tiles to remove them.
  • Shuffle tiles and hint option in case you reach a dead end in the game.
  • Space and galaxy themed tiles, epic outer space images and photos. If you enjoy astronomy then check out the mystifying galaxy, stars, and outer space images.
  • Boards are generated with random tile placements. The board generator uses a special algorithm, which produces a solvable configuration at the beginning of the game. This means the chance of getting stuck is rare (unless the player made bad moves or is unlucky and picked tiles that lead to an unsolvable configuration).
  • Try winning each board without shuffling the board, and with the shortest time possible.
  • Game keeps track of wins and best times.
  • There’s no timer to rush you if you just want to relax and play. The game records your best time so that you can play again and again to top your best time – but only if you want to.

Photo credits: some images courtesy of NASA, JPL, STScI, SOHO.  The publisher of this app is not affiliated with NASA, JPL, STScI, or SOHO. This app is NOT endorsed by NASA, JPL, STScI, or SOHO.  More details.