Steer the Marbles

Classic roll balls into a hole with some game play twists and variety of levels.

Move all the marbles into the pits by turning and tilting your mobile device.

Steer and put all the balls into the holes. Simply tilt your mobile device to steer the balls. It’s not as easy as it sounds because you must also avoid the red balls from entering the holes. Variety of levels include obstacles, maze level, multiple holes, different ball sizes. Collect all the gems and earn star ratings. Have fun steering, balancing, and aiming the balls and watch them interact with physics using the accelerometer. The interface and ‘how to play’ is very easy: just tilt your device to move the balls. However, the game is challenging and some levels are very hard.


  • Very easy game mechanic, no complicated buttons or moves to learn. Just use the accelerometer to steer the valls/marbles. Tilt the device to steer the balls to the holes.
  • 100 levels, all playable, no In App Purchase.
  • The game is built using a world-class physics game engine, where the balls movement are simulated with complex math.
  • Variety of challenges and things to discover, such as labyrinthian maze levels, pipes, tunnels, and gems to collect.
Credits & Acknowledgements