Hexagon Tower Balance

Demolish the Tower Without Falling!

This is a free game of crushing, blasting and tumbling tower of blocks. The aim is to prevent the hexagon (a geometry with six sides) from falling. Reach the flag in the bottom of the tower to win! The game mechanic is a combination of geometry logic, puzzle, strategy & reflexes. Easy to learn game with puzzle elements. Challenging and can be hard to master.

Game Mechanic

  • A hexagon shape (hex or hexa) is on top of stacked blocks/mines.
  • You can’t move the hexagon but you can tap the blocks to crush them so that the hexagon gets closer to the ground.
  • The blocks are like mines, which will be destroyed when you tap on them. Be careful when the tower starts to wobble, it may tumble – don’t let the hex fall.
  • If the hexagon trips and falls into the abyss, the game is over.
  • To win the game, move the hexagon from the top of the tower to the bottom until it reaches the ground to capture the flag.

The levels are like puzzles because you need to pick carefully which block of mines to crush and smash, so that the tower structure doesn’t tumble and disintegrate. When blocks are destroyed they will disappear, and the tower/structure becomes shorter. However, not only the block you tap will be crushed, but that block may affect other blocks, causing them to roll, drop, fall or slip. Consequently, the hexagon will react to the law of physics (it has six sides, so it’s almost like a ball) – don’t let it fall before it reaches the ground. So the puzzle game element is deciding which block to crush.

This seem like a long explanation, but the game is actually simple to play. Just tap and tap with single touch (one touch mechanic) to start playing.

The game is driven by physic-engine which takes into account the mass of the blocks, friction & gravity. It comes with lots of puzzle variations, rendered in beautiful abstract/surreal style with bursting colors. Variety of block shapes and stack structures (pillars, monuments, towers, stacks, grids, and other abstract structures). The levels have various difficulties, the towers will get taller with different geometric shapes as you progress. You need reflexes and puzzle solving skill to beat all levels.

There are over 500 level that you can play for free (no In App Purchase). Many levels are short enough for quick sitting, while waiting, or for relaxation with the easy one touch game play mechanic. Some levels can be frustrating and hard, but don’t give up. If you want to play endless tower, you can select the infinite/endless mode for a super tall, infinite tower of blocks.


  • Addictive one touch game mechanic. Crush & blast cubes and help the hexagon (six-sided geometric shape) to reach the flag at the bottom of blocks and stacks. Touch/tap block of mines to crush and blast. They may tumble and rumble, with potential chain reactions. Keep the hexagon balanced, don’t let it fall.
  • Driven by sophisticated physics engine. The blocks react to gravity, mass, friction, and shape.
  • Over 500 free levels to play, some easy and some frustratingly hard.
  • Includes 2 play modes: infinite and levels (campaign) mode.
  • Surreal style artwork with rich dreamy colors.
  • Cool sounds and special effects (the hexagon glows, blocks explodes with particle effects).


  • Middle blocks nearest to the hexagon are usually safer to blast.
  • Unbalanced blocks on the sides aren’t safe – they may fall.
  • Horizontal full-width blocks are usually safer to blast.
  • Leaving blocks on left & right may prevent hexagon from falling (with six sides, it rolls easily when there’s nothing blocking it).
  • Most levels emphasize strategy but a few do require quick reflexes.

In sum, if you’re looking for a free addictive physic puzzle game, download & start playing now. Conquer the towers of blocks. Tap, crush, smash, and tumble but don’t fall the hexagon!