The Privacy Policy for our free (ads supported) apps can be found at:

The Privacy Policy for our paid apps can be found at:

In addition to the above Privacy Policy, below are additional policies for our Jigsaw Games (ie: Jigsaw Tablet, Jigsaw Summer Joy, Jigsaw Tablet: Classic Arts, Jigsaw Tablet II, Jigsaw Animal Puzzles, Jigsaw Galaxy & Space)

The Jigsaw apps referenced above may request features/permissions to access the Photos/Media/Files.  This feature requires the following permissions on Android:

– read the contents of your USB storage
– modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

This feature allows user to import images from the device’s photo album, to be used as Jigsaw pieces in the game.

This feature is optional and the game is still playable with the standard images included in the app.

To use this feature, the process is not automatic and must be triggered by user actions, using the Import Photo feature (the photo-negative icon) within the Select Picture screen.

The app does not automatically import any image without user consent and action triggered by the user clicking the Import Photo button and subsequently selecting an image to import.  The app does not modify or delete images from the user device’s photo album.  The app simply make copies of the imported images.

The images are only imported into the local app storage folder (i.e.: it is stored on the device memory or SD-card or external storage only). The images imported are not transmitted or collected into our server in any way.  We do not see any images that you import.  We do not collect user identity and we do not track usage pattern.

To remove/unimport the imported images from the app:

– Use the Reset button within the Picture Selection screen.
Or, simply Uninstall the app.