Squish the Snack Critters

Crush the ants and critters who tries to steal the snacks!

Snacks versus ants and critters! Those critters and insects are invading. They are stealing your candy, pizza, fries, food and stuff. Prevent them from taking over your home and everything else!
Defend your food, tap-tap-tap and crush these candy thieves. Don’t let them starve you!


  • Smash the virtual bugs and critters from invading your territories and don’t let them steal your food.
  • Squish and crush them just by tapping. Crush them them into goo and get satisfying sound effects.
  • 50 levels to conquer, no purchase needed to play all levels.
  • Various food and snacks to protect (candy, pizza, onion rings, and more)
  • Colorful graphics, multiple environments adds to the variety.
  • Multiple insects (ants, beetles, stingrays). Some critters take multiple hits/taps to squish.
  • Use power-ups such as glues to trap critters, and bombs to help demolish a bunch of those insects.

Tap to squish and crush the nasty virtual critters who are invading and snapping your snacks!