Battlespace 2042 Retro

Intense retro arcade side scroller with lovely pixellated graphics.

Take a trip to the fun of old-fashioned side-scrolling space shooter genre where you navigate a ship to defend against space and galaxy invaders. Face variety of enemies and discover power ups along the way. Enjoy the retro 8bit pixels graphics, retro sound effects, and catchy chip-tunes. Complete with scan-lines and beep-beep sound effects and rocking soundtrack.


  • Intense space arcade game in the tradition of classic 80s space shooter side-scrolling shoot ’em up games.
  • Non monotone levels with many variations so you don’t just play against the same enemy patterns in the same environment in each level.
  • Multiple levels (20+) with many type of enemies, hit points, special attacks/patterns, and formations. Some of the enemies have special patterns and emit bullet hell or spawn enemies.
  • Discover dozen of weapons and power ups, extra ships, extra health, extra shields.
  • Colorful, nostalgic 8-bit style pixels retro graphics, sound effects, and charming beep-beep musical chip-tunes.
  • Simple touch interface designed for mobile. Just touch the screen and drag to navigate the player-ship. It will fire automatically. Collect power-ups simply by moving over them.
  • Battle against powerful end boss with special attacks to win the level.