Hexagon Graph: Geometry Puzzle

Drag and drop blocks of colorful hexagons to complete geometric-puzzles.

This game is very simple to get started, anyone should be able to start playing immediately. In the middle of the screen, you are presented with a geometric shape consisting of hexagonal grids. On the bottom of the screen are the “jigsaw” pieces. Drag and drop the pieces into the shape to complete the shape. You can drop the pieces onto the board and if they fit, they will snap. You win the game when all the shapes have been placed on the board and the board is completely filled with no overlaps.

This might sound simple, and indeed, we have included simple puzzles to get you started. But it is deceptively simple. As you progress, there will be more pieces, larger boards and more challenging puzzles. You will encounter variety of grid configurations, smaller or larger pieces. There are some tricky puzzles that require serious brain power to solve. But worry not, if you’re stuck, there’s a hint option that helps to solve the puzzle.


  • Easy to learn, no complicated rules. Just drag shapes to complete the board. You can start playing and get immersed very quickly.
  • Four difficulty levels, from Beginner to Challenging for maximum puzzle challenges.
  • Hint option available.
  • Over 200 mind-bending puzzles to play. All are free to play, no In App Purchase required.
  • Simple but beautiful artwork style, enchanting music, cool particle effects.
  • Variety of board shapes, and variety of number of grids.
  • Playable on phones and tablets. Boards will adjust their size to accommodate variety of devices.


  • Sometimes there’s no harm in brute-forcing the puzzle by dragging and dropping pieces quickly. But this method may cause you to repeat the same moves again and again. So it is usually better to solve the puzzle methodically, for example by elimination.
  • Before starting, is beneficial to look at the big picture to determine which pieces might fit where and which won’t.
  • Try to visualize where a piece may fit on the grid without blocking other pieces.
  • If you know there’s only one position that can fit the shape, then go for it, otherwise, think of if any grids will be blocked with no way to complete the puzzle.
  • Some of the puzzles have multiple solutions.