Crosswords 4 Casual

Hundreds of cross words puzzles

For fans of word games, language games, trivia and cryptic clues, checkout this Crossword for your phones and tablets. Optimized for mobile devices, the game can be played with one-touch interface and optimized for mobile screens.

Multiple grid sizes, including 6×6 grid sizes (easy but still challenging) to 14×14 grid sizes to tax your brain. Each grid-size has dozens of crosswords, totaling to over 400 crosswords puzzles and thousands of clues to answers. It means hours and hours of fill-the-grid and find-the-words fun and decrypting mysterious clues!

The boards are all free to play at any order, so if you get stuck you can work on another one and return to the previous one at a later time. This means that it’s rare to get frustrated or stuck.

But what if you do get stuck and there’s that one brain taxing clue that you can’t find the word for? Well, when all else failed, use the built-in helper, so you’ll never get stuck forever! The in-game hint system can reveal just ONE letter; multiple RANDOM letters (which can give you the “aha” moment that leads you to the answer); or, reveal the answer. The last option reveals the word and solves the clue for good! Beware though, using the hints will reduce your score. Try to solve all the puzzle without using hints to get 100% score!


  • Fill-the-grid with letters! Hundreds of brain taxing crosswords puzzles to enjoy.
  • Many-many clues and answers to pick your brain.
  • Play any of the level in any order. There’s no unlocking required and no In App Purchases required. All the levels are available to play from the beginning.
  • Option to customize the grid color, letter color and background color to suit your taste.
  • Three hint options to use when things get frustrating. The “Reveal Random Letters” is my favorite.
  • There’s no timer, so you can relax and take your time, or think of the clues solutions without feeling pressured.
  • Options to show incorrect letters so you can immediately spot wrong answers.
  • Variety of grid patterns.
  • Solve all the without using hints to get 100% score.
  • Option to continue where you left off. If you can’t solve a puzzle completely, you can go to another puzzle and return to the previous puzzles at a later time. This is also useful during short breaks or while waiting.
  • Hours and hours of puzzle solving enjoyment for fans of word puzzles and trivia.
  • We designed the puzzles for casual players, but there’s good amount of challenges for all skill levels, including long words, large grid sizes, and mystery clues.

Note: The words and phrases in this app are in English (generally American English, though in some instance there are Britain English words). Be warned that the game contains famous names, slang-words and abbreviations that may be more familiar to U.S. players. If you’re not an English speaker, give it a try anyway – it may be a fun way to learn some English words and their definitions. Solve clues, test your language skill, and maybe broaden your vocabulary in the process. You might even be learning while playing.