Jump Jump Elf

Side-scrolling platformer game. Run, jump, avoid critters and collect game gems.

This is a free side scrolling platformer arcade game where you play an elf who runs and collects game gems (think of them as coins) while avoiding various enemies and critters. The mechanic is similar to classic video games but with simpler controls and simpler game elements. Your player avatar will automatically run forwards and all you need to do is tap on the screen to jump to reach gems/coins, avoid enemies, leap over pitfalls, and stomp on enemies. Although some of the critters such as the birds and crabs look cute they will bite if your avatar gets close to them. If enemy critters get near you, you can avoid them either by jumping over or landing on top of them. Collect as many gems/coins as you can and stun on each level to get better star ratings.

– Classic horizontal side scroller platform game. Collect game gems/coins and stomp on enemies.
– Simple touch-screen based control. Can be played with single touch/tap. Simply tap to make the player jump. Tap longer to jump longer or higher.
– Jump to reach the coins and avoid critters, such as crabs, birds, UFOs and rolling balls.
– Jump higher to cross pitfalls, some which are wider or shorter.
– Four worlds to conquer in this adventure. With 7 levels on each world. Free to play, no In App Purchase required.
– Variety of levels with curved platform, moving platforms, pitfalls, hills, etc.

In the tradition of classic platformer games, you plays an elf on an adventure that spans four mysterious fantasy worlds. Collect game diamonds, avoid critters, jump on platforms, and navigate the colorful world (25+ levels with varied designs).One-button/one touch in-game control makes gameplay super-easy to learn and the 25+ will keep you occupied and entertained. So you’re looking for quick diversion, then checkout this simple platformer game which can be played with simple taps on the screen. Run, jump, collect gems, avoid critters and obstacles.