Duck Hunting Archery

Great hunting arcade game where you hunt as many ducks as possible, with easy to use one-tap/one-touch interface. Very easy to start playing. You play a hunter, equipped with bow and arrows. You’re outdoor, in a jungle/forest and there are ducks flying around you which you will hunt.

Shoot down the ducks with your bow and arrows. Just tap to shot an arrow, it’s a simple one touch mechanism. Aim carefully though. Tap father from your avatar and your arrow will move faster. Each duck that you hunt down will increase the game score. You have unlimited number of arrows.

The game difficulty increases as you progresses. There are more ducks to hunt and other animals that may appear as your hunting skill improves.

Warning: Don’t hunt or shoot endangered/protected animals species (such as cranes and giraffes), only hunt the ducks. If you see an endangered animal approaching, don’t shoot arrow on it. Wait until they walk away or aim your arrow carefully at the ducks only to avoid hitting the protected/endangered species.

Summary of features:

  • Classic arcade style duck hunting/shooting game. Just tap tap and tap to fire an arrow and hunt down ducks. Very easy to play, addictive game-play.
  • Avoid killing endangered and protected animals.
  • High quality graphics and sound effects, with special effects.
  • Discover additional environments and animals as you progresses.

Credits & Acknowledgements