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For Cookie Dozer Pusher, please click here.

For Pixelly Wing Invaders, please click here.

Acknowledgements & Credits for Halloween Smash 2015 (aka Halloween Pumpkins Flick and Smash)

Portion of the app uses HVD Fonts | HVD Poster (Freefont). HVD Fonts | HVD Poster (Freefont) is Copyright 2006/2009 Hannes von Dšhren.

Portion of the app uses Sniglet Font, under SIL Open Font License 1.1. Sniglet Font is Copyright (c) 2008, Haley Fiege (, Copyright (c) 2012, Brenda Gallo ( Copyright (c) 2013, Pablo Impallari (|, with no Reserved Font Name.

Portion of the app uses licensed assets by Unity Technologies, Hedgehog Team, Kazuhiro Ikeda, Jean Moreno (JMO), GameMusicSound, SqueakyOak, Pixelgraffiti, Ts-Time, beskhu, Imphenzia, G.E.TeamDev, Unluck Software, Su Chen-Ki, Vetasoft, Dreamdev Studios, 3D Sauce, Electrodynamics.

Acknowledgements & Credits for Mahjong Galaxy Space and Puzzle 8 Galaxy

Photo credits: some images courtesy of NASA, JPL, STScI, SOHO. The publisher of this app is not affiliated with NASA, JPL, STScI, or SOHO. This app is NOT endorsed by NASA, JPL, STScI, or SOHO.  See for more details.

Acknowledgements & Credits for Basketball Challenge/Basketball Master Challenge

Portion of the app uses art, assets and/or sounds by OR licensed from:
OpenClipartVectors, Pixabay, Synty Studios, Chibola Productions, G.E.TeamDev, Kazuhiro Ikeda, 1Poly, NeatWolf, DeanForge, Electrodynamics, GameMusicSound, Hedgehog Team, Stephan Bouchard, Unity Technologies, Voxel Busters, Vocal K, Imphenzia, Bobby James,, Joongly Games, iStockPhotos.

Portion of the app uses fonts by “Movavi”, under OFL/SIF fonts by Movavi (

Portion of the app uses “Chewy” font (, under Apache License, version 2.0.


Acknowledgements & Credits for Jigsaw Tablet II

  • Morning Coffee
    Kevin P. Pixabay.
  • Afternoon Spring
    Larisa-K, Pixabay
  • Tulips
    haidi2002, Pixabay
  • Monarch Butterfly
    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters.
  • Beautiful Coral Reef at Anambas
    USAID Indonesia
  • Discovered Planet, Fomalhaut b (Hubble Directly Observes Planet Orbiting Fomalhaut.)
    ESA, NASA, L. Calcada (ESO for STScI)
  • Mulher Do Chale Verde
    Cyprien Eugène Boulet
  • Waterfall
    diego_torres, Pixabay
  • Squirrel
    Christiane, Pixabay
  • Snowdrop Flowers
    Hans B., Pixabay
  • Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge
    Robert Dunn, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Hong Kong
    skeeze, Pixabay
  • Japanese Bird
    Karen A., Pixabay
  • Polar Bears
    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters
  • Red Panda
    Mathias A,, Flickr
  • Unveiling the Universe
    NASA on The Commons
  • International Space Station
    SDASM Archive.  This image is from the the Flickr Page of San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive.
  • Sumatran Tiger
    US Fish &; Wildlife Service
  • Early Morning
    Brigitte W., Pixabay
  • Orchid
    haidi2002, Pixabay